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Friday, April 29, 2022

Ukraine - Master of its own Demise

 Two months into the invasion of Ukraine a few things have become obvious. The first and foremost thing to surface in the Ukraine conflict is the absolutely shameless abuse of propaganda by the Ukrainian government. Whether it was the defiant slaughter of thirteen Ukrainian Marines on Snake Island, which ended up being the surrender of almost 100 Ukrainian paratroopers and no slaughter, in reality, or the shelling of a train station in Donetsk by a Tocha missile, which Ukraine blamed on Russia, but which was subsequently discovered to have a Ukrainian serial number, the Ukrainian government has been shameless and irresponsible in its rhetoric. Before the war started it similarly provoked the super power on its border - as if it has a death wish. When Ukraine points the finger at those responsible for the war, or at those it accuses of not doing enough for it, there are a thousand fingers pointing back at it.

Let's face the obvious: Ukraine has been used by our western governments as a tool to, as they now admit, to weaken Russia. This has been on going for over a decade. It is a matter of fact that the West was involved in the overthrow of Ukraine's President in 2014. A president who was duly elected - primarily from the Russian speaking portions of Ukraine in the east and south of the country. It's a matter of record that the overthrow was caused by the Ukrainian President's refusal to follow a path to join the EU. It is a historical truth the the Ukrainian military shelled, bombed, and otherwise attacked separatists when they declared independence from Ukraine as a result of the overthrow of their president - this despite the UN's declaration of the principle to self-determination for people and regions around the world that seek it. The West refused to criticize Ukraine's military assault on its own citizens, and immediately recognized the new head of Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian government signed two accords (Minsk) in an effort to end the civil war in the Donbass. However, it failed to live up to the requirements of the agreements by refusing to grant the Donbass special status as it had agreed to do. It did not live up to the requirements that foreign troops would not be present in the Donbass or Ukraine. The list goes on. In reality, the Ukrainian government said whatever it needed to say to get itself off the hook at the moment, and this unfortunately has become a trait that has damned the country of Ukraine, and threatens to set off a major world conflict.

In the days leading up to the Russian "special military operation" (in reality an invasion with specific political and territorial goals), Ukraine and the West which backed and trained its military, had a chance to seriously address the concerns of Russia, but instead they brushed Russia off as if it were a third-rate power living in the past. This approach, this view, has been catastrophic for Ukraine and may become catastrophic for the world. It was four years ago, in October of 2018, when Russian President Putin warned the world "Russians will go to heaven as martyrs ... The aggressor (the West) will have to understand that retaliation is inevitable, that it will be destroyed and that we, as victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven. They will simply die because they won't even have time to repent." Source here He was referring to the then new hypersonic weapons they had developed, and which today have become a reality on the Ukrainian battle field.

Despite all of these terrible consequences, Ukraine, and our western governments, have simply sought to further antagonize, and by doing so increased the severity of the conflict. Ukrainian President Zelensky, in particularly, has acted so recklessly with his country's existence that it begs the question: does he want to seek Ukraine as a country taken off the map? In the days before the invasion he refused to agree to live up to Ukraine's signature on the Minsk Agreement. His Western partners, namely France, Germany and the UK, who were all guarantors of the agreement along with Russia, did absolutely nothing to force Ukraine and Zelensky to live up to their agreement. Zelensky not only refused to implement the Minsk Agreement, but went further stating Ukraine was going to join NATO. These are not actions of a person or government seeking to avoid conflict and tragedy for their country and people. These are actions of a minor power recklessly punching over its weight, undoubtably reassured by other governments of support should Russia act.

It is of course noble to state that a sovereign country can do as it wishes, but everyone understands the reality is different. For example, if Canada were to enter a military alliance with China, and have Chinese military personnel training and arming the Canadian army, does anyone seriously believe the US would simply stand by and say if Canada wants to be in alliance that is their sovereign right and we support it? No, that would never happen. Simply look at the diplomatic roar over tiny Solomon Islands entering a security pact with China as an example. Funny enough, the US intervened in the Freedom Convoy protests in Canada simply because their car manufacturers could not receive parts and had to close a few plants temporarily. The position that Ukraine, or any other country, can do whatever it likes as a sovereign nation has never been true throughout history, and it makes a mockery of the intelligence of those who suggest it can. 

Nevertheless, Zelensky lectured the world that Ukraine was the victim of an unprovoked attack. Not just that, but it was a victim of  NATO lacking courage, the EU lacking courage, and pretty much everyone who disagreed with its position was a Russian sympathizer. There was no room for intelligent, level headed people to have a different opinion. Much like Prime Minister Trudeau's public statements that people protesting for freedom in Canada held "unacceptable views". 

The problem with Zelensky, and the Ukrainian government in general, is that it has become like the "boy who called wolf". It has made so many false claims that one simply can not believe what it says anymore. Take for example its constant claims that Russia has suffered massive casualties thus far. Perhaps it has, but Ukraine has never released any of its own casualty numbers. It claims to have defeated Russia and destroyed much of Russia's equipment, yet it is the one screaming for tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft systems. Ukraine had plenty of these arms before the war, so the natural conclusion is Russia has destroyed much of it and they need theirs replaced. Ukraine has condemned Russia in every other day UN Security Council meetings for attacking civilians and civilian buildings, yet it armed its own civilians and its troops took up positions in civilian buildings as matter of course. 

All of this leads to one unmistakable conclusion - the Ukrainian government cannot be trusted. Not that Russia is an angel. Nor is the US or any other Western power, and if you believe they are you are very naive. They all have "interest" that reign well above their principles. Ukraine is no different in that regard. It is not the innocent victim it portrays itself. Its government has been willing to sacrifice its own people unnecessarily. That shouldn't be surprise to anyone that has followed the conflict since 2014. A government that is willing to fire artillery and bomb its own citizens for wanting a different future is not a government that minds wasting the lives and dreams of its population.     



  1. It's amazing (Not in a good way) how brainwashed and mindless the majority of Americans have become. High on pharmaceuticals, street drugs and booze. Getting all their information from mainstream news. Fixated on the Bread and circuses completely unaware of the massive psyops and active measures that control their minds. It is not just with the left either. We've got some in the neighnorhood who are flying ukrainian flags virtue signaling. True believers who can be manipulated and controlled into just about anything.

  2. I’ve been reading many commentaries leading to, and during the conflict in Ukraine. Yours is the most succinct and accurate synopsis of the causes and conditions of this war.

    I take exception only with this, regarding countries which act in their own self-interest: “Ukraine is no different in that regard.” I would argue that Ukraine is quite different in that regard, as your essay outlines. It seems to me that “The Ukraine” as a geographical entity has always been at the crossroads of conflicting interests and warring armies, (much like the Balkans) from olden times when it was sparsely inhabited through the world wars, to now. It has never been its own master. Or to put this in different words, if Zelensky were to act in the interests of Ukraine he would not act as he has been, but more circumspectly and more in tune with objective reality. But he has acted in his own selfish interests, expecting the US, NATO and the west in general to come to his rescue. Before Russia’s invasion he glibly asserted that Russia would not invade. Instantly that Russia did invade, he ran behind the legs of NATO, barking furiously at the bear. From that point on, he has behaved precisely as you outline in this essay.

    And for its part the US has been encouraging him in every way possible, as you outline.

    This will not end well, nor soon.

  3. We as ordinary Citizens never Know the Truths behind our Government s objective s. Who Really Speaks the Wholesome TRUTH in the World of Greed !

  4. This is a very insightful piece. One hundred per cent spot on.


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