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Friday, June 3, 2016

UPDATED Nalcor Has Sold Bull Arm


Both Nalcor and Irving Oil (just answered inquiry today) have stated there is no deal on Bull Arm sort of. Irving Oil's response was "Hi Brad, thanx for asking, but we have no involvement at Bull Arm". There you have it.

Insiders report the buyer of the Bull Arm site is Irving Oil. This, as the rest of the story, has yet to be confirmed or denied by the Government or Nalcor despite requests for the same.

In the latest of now a long list of insider info being leaked to this blog, apparently Nalcor has sold (privatized)  the Bull Arm site. Details are still coming in and I will update this post as those details come in. The leak is that Nalcor and the government have sold Bull Arm to a ship building company. The news of the sale has been held back from the public due to the scandal involving Nalcor, Natural Resources Minister Siobhan Coady, and Premier Ball.

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