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Friday, January 30, 2015

Why Russia should Invade Ukraine

It's a big leap for a writer in the West to advocate Russian military action in the Ukrainian republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. A stretch for sure. But, there is a sound case for it.

First is the nature of the warfare being conducted in the two republics. It started as a low level, small unit-type internal insurrection. However, after the Ukraine army was unable to take Slavyansk with this type of action, it switched to larger and larger caliber weapons - including aircraft and helicopter gunships. To make a long story short, the Ukraine army drove the separatist forces almost to the Russian border before they were defeated and forced to retreat to the approximate lines that they occupy today.

The problem with the Ukraine war is that it is essentially World War II type warfare without the air power. That essentially makes it like World War I warfare. A battle of attrition. Massive artillery replacing air power. Massive destruction and civilian casualties. Long bloody battles for meters that often get overturned by pointless counter attacks. No decisive battles or maneuvering. Just one layer of defence after another eating men and machines. A gristly affair that has no end other than internal political revolt or foreign intervention. It's the latter I suggest is necessary

Someone has to intervene militarily in this conflict to tear apart the two sides who have a blood lust for each other. Pure hatred that cannot be cured, and that must be dealt with by equally deadly force. Given that the conflict is happening on the border with Russia it is only logical that Russia should be the force to intervene.

One approach would be for Russia to declare a "hostilities free zone" in the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. To back that declaration, Russia should position a large enough force to be militarily convincing on its border. Then, as a second step, Russia should impose air superiority over the area, engaging any artillery, from either side, that violates the hostilities free zone. Then, as the third step, Russia should move its ground forces into the two republics. Ukraine military units would be required to vacate the two republics. If they refused they would be engaged and neutralized. Separatist forces would be required to marshal their men and equipment at certain points within the republics. If they refused, a similar fate would await them as Ukrainian units that failed to comply.

Once the forces are separated, and order is restored, the international community would hold a referendum in the two republics to determine if they wish to remain in Ukraine or become their own country, or a part of Russia, or any combination thereof.

It's called peace-making, not peace-keeping. There is no other country better positioned to do it than Russia. There is no country with a greater interest, other than Ukraine itself, in the restoration of peace and order in Donetsk and Lugansk. Additionally, as a responsible member of the international community, it is Russia's responsibility to bring an end to the war crimes being conducted by both sides, although more so by Ukraine forces, in Donetsk and Lugansk. Russia doesn't need anyone's permission to do this. Fact is, if it tried to get that permission it wouldn't be granted, and the bloody conflict will continue to consume tens of thousands of lives. It's real politik for a real situation. The West should butt out, and in effect mind its own business. The current situation comes as a direct result of the West interfering in Ukraine affairs to begin with. If you believe that the overthrow of the previous Ukraine president was just a spontaneous combustion of patriotic fervor, well, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Simply isn't true.

It's time to stop the insanity in Ukraine by peace-making. The geo-politics means the cleanup job is Russia's responsibility. Hopefully, that will mean less civilians, especially the children, will die in a modern day "Mad Max" war in Ukraine.


  1. This sounds reasonable and humane, but unless Russia were authorized by the UN to intervene in the manner proposed, such intervention would provide US-NATO with the opportunity they have been seeking to fight Russians directly on Ukrainian soil and in Ukrainian air space.

  2. I appreciate that, but there is absolutely no question in my mind that neither the US or NATO would go to war over Ukraine, or any other matter. Economic war yes, but that's going on anyway, so it's a zero sum risk.

  3. While the scenario you outline is the only sane one that can be realized in the current situation, can you imagine the Western reaction? Currently they froth at the mouth for the 20th time about Russian invasion, this time with 9000 Russian troops wearing invisibility cloaks! Russia is declared the aggressor by PACE and US encouragement is behind a UN resolution declaring them as a state sponsor of terrorism. The West is digging in deeper, it is not about to butt out. Articles that have marked the start of each 'color' revolution have started to appear about Kazakhstan. An open "occupation" is just what the West would like to have happen. With the CIA armed and supported Banderite groups on hand there would be an unlimited guerilla war - shades of Afghanistan!

    It is the utmost tragedy that they politics of the West is not about what is 'sane' or saves the lives of the innocent. The current agenda is to de-stabilize Russia - at any cost, to the last Ukrainian. The colour revolution planned for them failed/is on hold. A Russian occupation and 'Afghanistan ver 2' would however achieve the goal. so Putin will stay out - despite their grief at the tragedy assaulting people they consider to be their cousins.

  4. This is all very very reasonably sounding, but the question remains, given that Russia has already been condemned and will continue to be so, why it hasn't at least imposed a no-heavy weapons fire zone along the front? This would bring civilian casualties down to almost zero overnight.

  5. Interesting. I read this having just completed a post on my own blog on the subject of a possible Russian 'humanitarian intervention' in Ukraine. As someone who opposed Western interventions in the past, I would be against it, if only for consistency, but I have problems working out on what grounds the West's humanitarian warriors could oppose it:

  6. When the 'West' turns a blind eye to banning the mother-tongue language of 30 % of the country (like Canada banning the use of French), when the West ignores the promotion and glorification of Nazi symbols, ideas & history(Canada joined the US as one of only three countries in voting against UN law that would criminalize the promotion and glorification of Nazi-ism), when Western media ignores the death of 1500 civilians due to government shelling and instead trumpets a EU 'decision' (done without notification of at least one EU participant - Greece) that declares Russia responsible for one incident the locals on the scene all attribute to the Ukrainian government... it is hard to imagine anything the West would not oppose! - including humanitarian aid shipments inspected by the International Red Cross (until forced by Western pressure to no longer provide such verification)

  7. Mr Cabana, what you're saying makes sense, but it is never going to happen.

    Russia had a chance to send its troops to Ukraine in March/April 2014 to protect Russian and Russian speaking people all the way from Kharkov to Odessa. They never did that.

    Instead, Russia is helping the Ukrainian nazi regime by providing them with the free coal, gas, healing their wounded soldiers...

    Is it so hard to see that the Kremlin regime is just playing the role they got from their Western masters?

    This whole war is engineered.

    1. The Kremlin does not help Kiev regime. Kremlin saves the Ukrainian people. This is a very unusual war. Ukraine - it is our sister. She is seriously ill. She went crazy. If we sent troops in March, our sister decided to that we demons who want to kill her. Now she begins to understand that the demons is Kiev Nazi government .. We will come at the right time.
      In the meantime, we will treat the wounded Ukrainians. We will give them shelter and bread. They are our brothers. On both sides of the front line.


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