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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dundergate - Where is the accountability?


  1. Shouldn't it be the other way around ?

    Dunderdale , Skinner et al., seem to find it nesessary to jet off to Greenland in the hopes of being able to sell the folks of that country on the expertise of some private company here in this province, on becoming an exporter of exploration and drilling supplies. Why is the premier of this province involving this government in "Private Enterprise "?

    Why does this government continue to find it necessary to involve itself in the affairs of the private business sector ?

  2. More glory in drilling and offshore than in the rural outports would be my guess. However, can power to the largest employer in our area be considered investing in business, or providing the basic infrastructure one would expect in the 21rst century? I would argue that is a common sense necessity.

  3. It's a FISHY business . Who wants to be seen "hobnobbing" with fish plant workers when one can be seen as a jetsetter with big oil ?

    I moved back home a few years ago and I am just finding out , through a great deal of effort on your part , that this province is in turm-OIL . This province is like a large clumsy boat on very choppy seas , rudderless and with no captain at the tiller .

  4. Thanx Ursula for your comments. I would only add: AND HEADING FOR THE ROCKS. Praying hard that PMO will decline these guys on the loan guarantees. That will kill the project despite all their bravado. Imagine the rest of the provinces saying: "Well you guaranteed loans for NL at 50% of their debt so we want that to." Quebec's debt alone would give them rights to a $100 billion dollar loan guarantee, etc. Pandora's box for the feds, Jonestown for us.


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