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Monday, January 31, 2011

Press Release Jan 31 2011

31 January 2011

To: Newfoundland and Labrador Press

From: Brad Cabana

Subject: Court challenge of PC Leadership Process

Members of the Press Corps,

I wish to announce this day that I will not be proceeding with a court challenge of the PC Party’s position that I am ineligible to run for the leadership of the PC Party. As an active Conservative, for some 22 years, at both the federal and provincial levels, it is with a heavy heart that I make this decision. I support Newfoundland and Labrador’s right to secure its natural resources for the benefit of her people. I believed that Danny Williams had the best interests of the Province at heart when he fought for those rights. Unfortunately, it would appear that those he left behind are more concerned with controlling power than controlling our natural resources.

I was deeply shocked at the release of the Auditor General’s Report, and the gross violations of trust contained therein. Whether it be investments awarded in violation of requirements of the Department of Innovation, Trade and Rural Development, unauthorized access to personal databases, or breaches of government policy and the Teachers Pension Act in hiring pensioned teachers, all pointed toward arrogance and abuse of power.

Unfortunately, these events parallel too closely my own experience with the Party and its leadership race. Gross violations of the letter and spirit of the Party’s Constitution including: failure to call the date and place of the convention prior to the call for nominations which is constitutionally required, and necessitates an entry on the Candidate’s Form which in this case had to be left blank; failure to follow membership rules properly; failure of the Convention Co-Chair, Minister Skinner, to remain impartial through the process and refrain from public comment even during the appeal process; failure to release a copy of the taped deposition, given under oath without option, of the Appeal Committee meeting upon request and thus far ignored; failure to serve the written decision of the Appeal Committee to myself within the 72 hour period required in the Constitution; and failure of the Party Leader and President to uphold the Constitution, and it’s requirements, as is required in the Constitution.

Furthermore, the lack of Ministerial accountability by Mr. Wiseman, on the occasion of his senior staff member’s visit to my home. It defies all logic and respectable conduct that a Minister of the Crown would condone by his inaction the intimidation of any citizen. It defies explanation how that same Minister would speak publicly to some of the same points his staffer made and find nothing wrong with the approach, or at the very least find it highly inappropriate. It concerns me the Leader of the Party would not contact my wife or I to get further evidence on this situation despite the obvious inappropriateness of the actions.

These combined set of circumstances leaves me with no other option than to consider the Party’s leadership, and the government’s by association and action, out of touch with my moral and political beliefs. I further believe that the Party has caused itself immense damage with it’s approach, especially considering a delegate selection process and convention have been initiated regardless. I therefore resign my provincial party membership effective immediately. I will remain a federal Conservative.

Having given the matter serious thought and consideration, and in keeping with my commitment to make this Province the best of all provinces, I have decided to join the Liberal Party of Newfoundland and Labrador. It was a very difficult decision based on my life long affiliation federally and provincially with the PC Party. However, the provincial PC Party here has lost it’s moral compass, and as such it’s ability to govern in the best interests of the people of this province.

I do intend to seek a nomination for MHA in the next election. I will be proud to carry the colours of the provincial Liberal Party as it seeks to replace an old and tired government with a revitalized and focused administration, should I be chosen by the District Association.
Thank you for your emphasis on the democratic process, or the lack thereof, over the last few weeks. I remain concerned that our political leadership has crossed a line that should never be crossed, and our democracy has been violated. I for one will not have any part of it.

Yours Sincerely,
Brad Cabana, B.A


  1. It is regretful about your dilemma. It did not work out the way you wanted. Your heart is at the right place, and you have a good writing skill. You are very knowledgeable… Had you consider journalisms, editorial, or colonist? Or even political consultant? You are talented.

  2. Since relocating to Newfoundland from Ontario in 2002, my husband and I were originally entranced by the beauty of the place and the incredible stories of the courage and endurance of the people, who created a unique culture for themselves. However, the rose-coloured, foggy mists were dispelled to reveal the iron fist beneath it all... the place is a feudal holdover, a society where the master class of merchants controlled the lives of the serfs, and still do. Nothing has changed. You will sadly be disillusioned, Mr. Cabana, by the Liberal Party, as well. The true bosses have positioned themselves on both sides of the aisle. "Come-From-Aways" like you, like ourselves, are often more impassioned defenders of the resources and potential of this province than those born on The Rock. The latter have learned not to 'rock the boat'. You will be amazed at how really nothing at all every changes here. It is not allowed. At the same time, the average person can display downright callousness, dishonesty, and duplicity, which always comes as a shock because it is completely unexpected. There is a common victim mentality which makes loyalty to one's family/clan the ONLY moral imperative. Needless to say, we're going to leave here. We didn't even last a decade. I might add, that the stress of various experiences has taken its toll on our finances and our marriage. But we look forward to putting Newfoundland behind us. We have watched with disgust how you have been treated. I realize you are not a quitter. But you will remember this little essay of mine a few years down the road. Someday, when you find yourself thinking about taking a final ferry ride back to the mainland - don't hesitate. Do it. It may help you to read the biographies of William Coaker and Wilfred Grenfell. When you do so, read between the lines... See the writing on the wall?


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