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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Danny Williams Harper Attack - Hello Kettle

Danny Williams is a man who just has no shame whatsoever. None. His recent attack on Prime Minister Harper was nothing less than character assassination. Nation-wide, public character assassination. Now for those that don't know, Williams is known for taking people to court for defamation when he feels the least bit incensed about comments regarding his actions that are less than flattering. He's even sued people for comments that were not directly made about him personally, but at society's elites in general - that includes our provincial newspaper at the present.

Nope, Williams has no shame. He accused Harper of being anti-democratic. That may well be true in a sense, but this is coming from Danny Williams, a man commonly referred to as being a "bully" during his terms as premier. A man who: attacked a local mayor for speaking out against his government; ejected a lady from a provincial advisory board for a joke she made regarding the size of his penis; threatened unions when his son was beat up downtown; and so it goes. Williams reputation was that of tyrant, albeit mostly loved tyrant due to fast flowing oil money. Under his government the legislature became a rubber-stamp committee, and any MHA that dared challenge or question his wisdom was gone (2 are now Conservative Senators). Under his government the worst access to information law in the country was used to deny, deny, deny information. A man who kept individual colour coded files on reporters in the province, and assailed radio hosts on live provincial radio.

Yep, Williams was no statesman as he now pretends to be. He was an absolute control freak, not unlike what Harper gets accused of. Yet, in the Emperor has no clothes style, Williams struck out at Harper for being divisive, manipulating unrest in Quebec and the rest of the country, and using a divide and conquer approach to politics. Pardon me? This from the man who loved to, no thrived on berating Quebec and using the tools of division as if they were child's candy. Check this video or this one just to get a taste of how Danny Williams loved to divide Canadians for his own agenda.Then there was the lowering of Canada's flag at all provincial government buildings when he couldn't get his own way on the Atlantic Accord.

Perhaps the ugliest of sins that Williams accuses Harper of, racism, can in fact be found on his own doorstep. Williams often used the term "true Newfoundlander" in his many public commentaries. It begs the question: what is a "true Newfoundlander". Is that some kind of coded racist language in itself? Is there a "false Newfoundlander"? Is it a shot at new arrivals to Newfoundland often referred to as "come from aways" or "mainlanders". Are they not true Newfoundlanders? Is this racism in the form of provincial nationalism? It sure sounds and looks that way.

The truth about Danny Williams sanctimonious interview on the CBC regarding Harper is that almost all, if not all, the allegations he made against the Prime Minister could just as easily be made against him. He calls Harper a nasty man, and that may be true and it may not, but one thing is for certain, Williams is known to carry a grudge and to be outright "spitey" as we say on the Island. No further evidence needed than his tirade against Harper even though the Conservatives stand to win not a seat in Newfoundland and Labrador. Yep, it's just a character assassination from afar, sent with love, from a man who knows no sin.

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