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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Canada's New Moth to Flame Foreign Policy

The Conservative government in Ottawa is dragging the Canadian people into the fire that is the geo-strategic war between the United States and Eurasia. It is not a place that Canadian have traditionally wanted to be in, nor is it a place they want to be in now - yet it's happening.

The first step in the march toward becoming America's "little brother", rather than "cousin", came during the initial Ukrainian conflict with the separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Prime Minister Harper quickly jumped in on the side of the never elected, but mutinously in-placed "Maiden" government. A collection of protest groups, organized it is allegedly by western governments, and dominated by neo-Nazi groups like "Aydar", "Right Sector", and the like. Real like torch burning, swastika waving neo-Nazi's. The kind of people that would make my father spin in his grave having spent five years of his youth fighting this kind of scum. He took pride in playing a part to wiping them out. And now, so many years later, like a dormant virus the neo-Nazi's reemerge in Ukraine.

Next, we as a country intervene, albeit in a small way, in the conflict in Syria. Or, loosely defined as the conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia being played out in Syria. Some will jump in and say wait a minute, we started by bombing ISIS in Iraq, and just now moved that into Syria. True enough, but the fire started in Syria, and it's now returned. The bottom line for Canada is why are we intervening with even one singular soldier in this conflict? Saudi Arabia is no different than ISIS. The major difference between the two is Saudi Arabia uses swords to cut off the heads or limbs of those it condemns of breaching the Koran, while ISIS uses knives. It's as obvious as the nose on your face. The west rightly condemns ISIS for it's brutal implementation of  ultra-orthodox Islamic law, but doesn't utter a singular word against Saudi Arabia for the exact same crimes. Geo-strategic selective vision at it's worst.

Back to our new "Evil Empire Russia" foreign policy. All things Russian are now viewed as all things repugnant - including to our great shame, the boycotting of the Russian celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory Day against the Nazis. Despite being elected by the Russian people with double the plurality that our own Prime Minister has ever received in a decade of his governance, we refer to the Russian President now as the head of a mafia, a Godfather of the Russian Mafia, a murderer of the media, a controlling evil manipulator of his own people and the world, etc. We demonize the man. He is the new enemy, therefore he must lose all "humanness". Meanwhile, the government of Canada ignores the massive list of war crimes documented and committed against the people of the Donetsk and Luhansk republics as if somehow it never happened. It's bizarre. The Ukraine army leveled entire villages, towns, and relentlessly shelled and even fired ballistic missiles, into the major cities of Donetsk and Luhansk. Thousands upon thousands of civilians were slaughtered by modern, high explosive munitions. Tens of thousands were maimed for life. Hundreds of thousands have been left homeless and as refugees. Their crime? Wanting to get the hell out of Ukraine with their land. Also known as self-determination - a right guaranteed under the UN Charter.

Yet, despite the ugly, brutal truth of the Ukraine government's slaughter of its "own" people in the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk over the last year or so, the Canadian government now sees fit to send "trainers" to Ukraine to help retrain an army that lost horribly at the hands of its "own" people. Not to say they didn't have some help along the way, but none the less, our government is going to assist in the rebuilding of the Ukraine army. An army guilty of horrendous war crimes. That means the Canadian people are assisting as well, as long as we remain silent on the issue.

Prime Minister Harper seems to be a guy that can't help being that Cold War leader he always wanted to be, but was born too late for. It's just hard to see it any other way. We stayed out of Iraq, because we had a Prime Minister who understood Canadians don't want to follow the US from one war to another. We're not into it. We like our wars on ice. We don't support dictators, no matter which geo-strategic side they're on. We shake our collective heads at the American government as it goes around the world trying to be "world cop". Live and let live in peace, for all. That is our policy. That is our wish. Now, that is our dream. Canada has lost its way. It's role as honest broker in the Middle East, which we always cherished, has been reduced to our just recently retired Foreign Minister being egged in a Palestinian refugee camp. We've been snubbed at the UN from Security Council roles. We have lost any appearance of being an honest broker for disputes between Eurasia and the US. In a word, we have lost "respect". With that loss of respect we have lost the trust of those who we now stand opposed to. We no longer enjoy the position that Pearson and others engineered for us on the world stage. We no longer stand for the "right". Now, like a moth lured excitedly to the flame, we jump at every opportunity to prove we are anything but a friend of peace.

Sorry to the world. It's a government, not a people.



  1. Great points about the US/Saudi Arabia & Russia. One thing to add on the egging incident. Just because people hate a country, or throw things at their leaders, it doesn't mean that leadership is doing the wrong thing. Plenty of people are hated for the right thing, especially telling the truth. No doubt you have experienced that first hand, having been outspoken & knowledgable on the Ukraine crisis in particular.

    There are many classic examples of people hated for doing a good job or saying the truth throughout history. A classic example of that of course is Daniel in the Bible, who when times were good, was a marked man by envious rivals who sought to kill him. Yet when times were tough, they sought his help. One sees that in modern conflicts just the same, as the nature of man does not change. A classic example would be the recent attempt on NAF Ghost Brigade Commander Mozgovoi's life.

  2. Dear Mr. Cabana,

    I would like to drop by & thank you for the truly *refreshing* analysis you provide on a near-daily basis. I have seen no one like you in the Canadian open-source analysis landscape. Each morning, I take in the buffoonery that emanates from the Ottawa bubble, and I feel truly depressed & saddened for our federation. That feeling lasts...until I see you firing away on Twitter & your web-site with deadly accuracy...and I feel hopeful again.

    For what it's worth, I would like to invite you to Col. Lang's forum "Sic Semper Tyrannis":
    You will find many accomplished veterans posting there (apart from Mr. Lang, a favourite is TTG - who seems to be as accomplished as it gets). These are like-minded warriors who fight the same fight as you.

    In appreciation,
    Dan Tan

  3. Well said sir

    My own conclusions on Ukraine match yours. Knowing the truth and not understanding why the truthful opinion (which is fact) is the dissenting opinion would drive one to madness.
    The obvious conclusion is the collusion of our main media feeds which can only be corrupt or scared into coercion to justify such lack of imagination or critical thought.
    Keep up the good fight and keep preaching. People recognize truth when they encounter it. You just have to keep pricking away at their worldview.
    The Forces need less "stupid soldiers". The higher ups need to start affecting foreign policy more with their best weapons of all-truth. Putting soldiers in harms way or "training" to do harm to commit in fact war crimes because what we are doing is right is the popular opinion is cowardice.


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