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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lies, Bribes, Harper and Dunderdale - the Evidence

On April 28, 2013, I wrote an article on whether or not the Innu people were bribed to vote for the New Dawn Agreement, which passage was necessary to allow the Muskrat Falls project to proceed.  Since that time the information contained in that post was forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office, the Attorney General of Canada, the head of the RCMP, the Quebec Corruption Commission, the World Bank Corruption Commission, the Swiss federal Police, and both leaders of the federal opposition parties. Yet nothing. It appears very likely that the Innu people were given a financial reward for voting in favour of the New Dawn Agreement, which violates federal laws on corruption and the federal elections act. The local RCMP in Goose Bay were informed of these payments a year ago. Those forwarding the information want a full blown RCMP investigation and forensic audit of both bands, the Innu Nation, and the Innu trusts. Yet nothing has happened.

I have decided to publish the actual minutes of both meetings where the $5000 payment was authorized, and where the children's trust fund was accessed to forward those payments as soon as possible with repayment of the fund coming later from a bank loan.


You probably noticed it was the Innu Nation, the group responsible for conducting the New Dawn Agreement referendum, that mere days after the agreement was approved by referendum wrote a letter to the trust for the $12.5 million payout at $5000 per man, woman, and child. You will also note the Bank of Montreal insisted on being renewed til 2017 as corporate trustee of the children's trust. The motion for the loan was made by Paul Rich, brother-in-law of disgraced former Innu Nation leader and MP Peter Penashue. It's most interesting to note that all the details of the loan had been arranged in advance of the conference call, and would imply the payout had been planned days in advance.


You will notice the urgency of getting that $5000 per person payout to the Innu people. So much urgency that less than 3 weeks after the New Dawn vote the Innu trustees voted to dip into the children's trust fund to get those funds out. It is unclear if such a withdrawal, even on a temporary basis, is even legal and in keeping with the terms of the trust.

You now see the evidence. You see who was involved. You know the time lines. Just a reminder, the New Dawn Agreement vote was held June 30, 2011. This must at a minimum be fully investigated by the RCMP, Elections Canada, Aboriginal Affairs, and a forensic audit conducted by the federal government. Future generations of Innu, and the rest of us in this province, are at least do that minimum of respect.

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