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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Obvious Result of Harper's Gamble

CBC story today outlining how Ontario now demands equal treatment for it's hydro projects. I am projecting a further and much larger demand from Quebec. They will likely seek financing guarantees, or cash in lieu for the Romaine dams times four, and all the other projects they have on the go. Knowing Quebec, they may even try for retroactive compensation for projects they've built in the past. This is what happens when a Prime Minister acts irresponsibly for the sake of seats. He, above any other person in government, must not be irresponsible with power. Check out my previous post, How to Lose a National Election 101.

McGuinty demands 'equal treatment' from Ottawa

CBC News Posted: Apr 4, 2011 1:13 PM

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has waded into the federal election campaign after demanding that Ottawa subsidize the province's massive electricity infrastructure upgrade
McGuinty's comments come after the Conservatives promised last week to guarantee a $4.2-billion dollar loan for the massive Lower Churchill hydroelectric project in Labrador.
McGuinty said the federal parties need to treat Ontario fairly because he says 40 per cent of federal tax dollars come from Ontario.

"So when Prime Minister Harper pledges specific aid to another part of Canada for a specific multi-billion project, 40 per cent of that money is coming from Ontarians," McGuinty told reporters Monday. "When it comes to support from the federal government for energy projects, Ontario is looking for equal treatment."
McGuinty's comments come three days after Quebec Premier Jean Charest slammed the Conservatives for the pledge, which he considers electioneering.

Ontario is implementing a 20-year $87-billion to upgrade its energy infrastructure. That includes $33 billion in investments by government and the private sector to build two new nuclear reactors at Darlington and to refurbish 10 older units.McGuinty didn't put a dollar figure on what he wants from Ottawa, but says he'll be putting the issue to all the federal leaders.He said Ottawa has been pretty good at supporting the oil and gas sector in western Canada too, so he wants to see Ontario get its fair share.

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  1. Mr.Cabana, love the blog, and its a great name. Mr.Cabana if you had went against Premier Dunderdale when you first got hear your chance would be the same as steven Harper telling the truth, but now that Dunderdale has sold out, your chance is 95%. Just to let you know that im with every thing your saying in this blog, Good luck.You can find me at twitter BODARRELL


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