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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth - Skinnergate

Remember when Minister Skinner came out last week and announced the Province was nominating Elizabeth Matthews as Vice-President of the Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board? Sure it was at the end of the week. Sure it was designed to die a quiet death over the weekend. It didn't happen. Now, thanks to the efforts of the Office of the Official Opposition, we find that in fact she was appointed to the Board back on the 21st of December, 2010. Here is the appointment letter sent by Minister Skinner to his federal counterpart:

The letter states that the Newfoundland and Labrador government appoints Ms. Matthews as a member of the Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (CNLOPB) and requests the federal government concur with her further designation as Vice-Chair of the CNLOPB. The obvious problem is Minister Skinner neglected to tell the media, and the people, that Ms Matthews had actually been appointed to the Board. The government did not issue a press release stating she was appointed to the Board, but did issue one stating she was the nominee for the Vice-Chair. A deliberate attempt to mislead the public? Perhaps. Here is the press release issued by the government in response to the Official Opposition's charges:

March 11, 2011

Provincial Government Clarifies Board Appointment

The Honourable Shawn Skinner, Minister of Natural Resources, today set the record straight in response to a misleading news release issued today by the Leader of the Opposition in relation to the appointment of Elizabeth Matthews to the board of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB).

“An appointment to the board was required in order to nominate Ms. Matthews for the position of vice-chair,” said Minister Skinner. “There is nothing underhanded or secretive about this nomination. There is a joint process with the Federal Government that must be followed before an appointment to vice-chair can be confirmed and we have followed the rules. The normal course of action when announcing such appointments would be to wait until the process is complete.”

A letter identifying Ms. Matthews as the Provincial Governments designate for the position of vice-chair has been sent to the Honourable Christian Paradis, Minister of Natural Resources Canada. The Provincial Government has requested concurrence from the Federal Government on this nomination.

                                                               - 30 -

Media contact:
Heather Maclean
Director of Communications
Department of Natural Resources

It was released on a Friday night at 4:45 pm. Another attempt to kill a story over the weekend. Just like the original announcement, and just like the Parson's Pond scandal. It's interesting to note that Skinner's rebutal takes issue with the Opposition about the description of the nomination. He says:"There is nothing underhanded or secretive about this nomination." He does not say the same about the appointment to the Board itself. That was after all the Opposition's point that she was secretly appointed, with the full knowledge and insistence of the government. It is as if he chooses to ignore the lie, and focus on something he can spin on. The only problem with that strategy, other than it's obvious deception, is that it is so blatantly false. It adds insult to injury, and points to the ends this PC government is prepared to go to "frame" the truth.

 As every week goes by this government looks more like a regime and less like a democratic institution. My own experience with the Party's non-leadership campaign resembled this. My resignation letter stated how the Party's deceptive behavior was also entering it's governmental practise - now this. The people of Newfoundland and Labrador need a government that treats them with respect and intelligence. Isn't this the government that whips up anger at home by stating over and over again that the rest of the country has treated us like we are stupid and a joke? It seems to me that the only ones treating us like that are our own PC government. Minister Skinner, do the honourable thing for once, and resign.


  1. And yet , we have some members of the media falling all over themselves to make this government and the premier look as though they are above reproach . Why do we need polls "that are mutton , dressed as lamb"?

  2. Eventually, this type of abuse of Office reveals deeper, and worse abuses. Unfortunately, that will make people even more distrustful of the political process. What we need is honourable people stepping forward to do honourable work on behalf of their people.

  3. Brad , I have to admit that the word 'Honourable', sticks in my craw . We have sullied the word by its constant association to politicians .Wouldn't it be better to simply have 'honest people doing an honest job' ?

  4. I guess I associate honour with my old profession as a military officer. Where you have to lead honest people, but more is expected of you. To me honesty is a part of being honourable, but not the whole requirement. I can see how this Minister or that Minister being referred to as "Honourable" could get your goat, because it seems most fail that simple test on an ongoing basis. Try to keep positive and focused on change, and don't let the politicians bring you to the point where we believe they are all the same. I always figured that was a spin politicians put on things so we would never expect anything else, and they could therefore act freely.

  5. Yet you continue to hold true to your affiliation with the Federal Conservatives Mr. Cabana??? Or have you given up support for them as well?

    Where do you stand on the Bev Oda affair? She blatantly lied and was defended by Harper.

    While this is just one example of their arrogance and contempt to the Canadian people, you have made it publicly known you are now a provincial Liberal and a federal Conservative.

    Don't go talking about honour unless you're going to do the honourable thing and distance yourself from that party as well.

  6. NPJ, I helped to build the Conservative Party to be an inclusive party that represented all conservatives. Not progressive, not fiscal, not social, etc but an open party that represented all. If you will recall back to that time they were very divided along these lines. I did not, however, take membership in the new party. I have not been involved with the new party past that. I don't agree with people, who represent us, breaking the rules - regardless of Party. I am hoping to be the nominated Liberal candidate for the provincial district of Trinity North. I will not be supporting, actively or otherwise, the federal Conservative Party. There are others who in the past have foresaken their federal Party and moved to the provincial scene to help their province as best they could. Jean Charest would be one. He is not supportive of the federal Conservatives either to the best of my knowledge. Not saying I'm Charest. Just saying it's an example.


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